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BOBO Corporation manufactures interchangeable and non-interchangeable linear guideway blocks and rails with a high load capacity and rigidity

How to clean a straight line guide?

As one of the core components of the equipment, the linear guide rail plays a guiding and supporting role. In order to ensure higher machining accuracy, the linear guide rail requires higher guidance accuracy and good motion stability. The equipment in the operation process, because of the special processing will produce a lot of corrosive…
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The characteristics of linear guide are mainly?

Linear guide rail during the entire process of production and processing for the precision of control is very strict, so it can be used in more strict with the machining accuracy of machine tool equipment, but also can keep the size within the scope of the standard requirement. So, what are the main characteristics of…
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The main application of ball screw

The ball screw is an indispensable part of mechanical equipment, which is the precondition for ensuring that the machine has high machining accuracy, so the requirement of precision is very high. So where are these high-precision machine parts used? First, for a large processing center, its machine tool rotation speed is very fast, so for…
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linear guides

What should I pay attention to when choosing linear guides rail?

A good linear guides on the performance of the equipment is very important, then we choose linear guides should pay attention to what? The choice of linear rail, the first thing to see is what advantages it has, the superiority is not the price, but it meets the design requirements. The linear guides rail is…
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The precision of the rod has an effect on the work

The precision of the ball screw can indirectly affect the machining accuracy of the machine. Generally, we must do some processing on the shell of the ball screw, so as to ensure the accuracy and the function of the machine. The detailed steps are as follows: first, cover the ball screw drive device, and if…
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2016 China International Bearing Industry Exhibition

As the world's biggest show in bearing industry, Bearing 2016 - 2016 China International Bearing Industry Exhibition will be held during Sep. 20-23, 2016 at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center (SWEECC, Formerly Shanghai World Expo Theme Pavilion), China. Bearing 2016 - 2016 China International Bearing Industry Exhibition, with the motivation of Professional spirit,…
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We organize staff come to Thailand for vacation

On 16th, Feb, 2016, JinanLevo Bearing Im&ExCo. Ltd organize staff come to Tailand for vacation. It last one week, we visited Qingmai city, enjoyed it very much. Wish our company will have more sales amount in 2016 year.