The characteristics of linear guide are mainly?

BOBO Corporation manufactures interchangeable and non-interchangeable linear guideway blocks and rails with a high load capacity and rigidity

The characteristics of linear guide are mainly?

Linear guide rail during the entire process of production and processing for the precision of control is very strict, so it can be used in more strict with the machining accuracy of machine tool equipment, but also can keep the size within the scope of the standard requirement.
So, what are the main characteristics of linear guide?

Linear guide rail steel ball inside because of the flexibility is very high, so at the time of the installation position of it is relatively easy to free migration, so whether this will negative influence on the precision of the linear guide rail?

The answer is no, installation personnel don’t have to worry about the transfer of contact point, this is inevitable, linear guide rail installation of but this deviation can be produced by the slider to digest, that is to say, the slider, besides the function of the fixed ball can also help the structure of the linear guide rail automatic adjustment steel ball inside.
Therefore, the steel ball can achieve high-precision activities after the use of the slider, and the friction resistance is very small, which is very flexible in the process of moving.

The most concern for users who use linear guides is whether it will fail, and whether to replace it as a whole after a failure.

Before we answer this question we have to face such a problem, that is whatever parts, especially to use parts of machine tool equipment, its working intensity is relatively large, wear and man-made error is inevitable, so the linear guide rail failure is also in the midst of cleaning.
Users can rest assured, however, is the slider above retainer was designed at the same time, this makes a series of precision can be replaced separately, that is to say, guide rail and slide block doesn’t have to change at the same time.