The main application of ball screw

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The main application of ball screw

The ball screw is an indispensable part of mechanical equipment, which is the precondition for ensuring that the machine has high machining accuracy, so the requirement of precision is very high.
So where are these high-precision machine parts used?

First, for a large processing center, its machine tool rotation speed is very fast, so for this comprehensive faster stronger mechanical equipment, supporting the use of ball screw should be the kind of ball screw DN value is very high, in this way can we live under great load.

Second, for ordinary mechanical automation, it only need to ball screw can realize the function of fast moving, so it’s too big to its load capacity without request, like a normal end cover type ball screw can meet the requirements of the conditions of use.

Third, in the field of high machining accuracy requirements, such as electronic machinery, CNC machinery and precision machine tool, not only should have very high machining accuracy, but also the requirement of flexibility is higher, so in this situation, only high speed ball screw can meet the conditions of use.

Fourth, also used in the electronics field, electronic field now with the help of many robots work, there are some semiconductor machinery in the ball screw, for this type of machinery, now the factory has developed a kind of nut rotary ball screw, can rotate the nut to adjust the ball screw, in order to meet the requirements of different precision.

Fifth, the ball screw used in the small processing machinery, it does not need the processing precision, and because it is very small in its own size, it is also small.